Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Update on Riding

It is nearing the end of October and my health is not allowing me to ride at all. I thought I would be on a new adventure by now but it looks like it could be a year or more before I am healthy enough to ride again. At the moment I can not ride my bike at all. According to the doctors, I have a frozen shoulder now. They can't tell me why it suddenly froze up on me and they can't tell me how long before I heal enough to ride again. One of the doctors told me to figure on 18 months of physical therapy to get back to a normal healthy shoulder. I hope it does not take me that long or I will not survive without riding. I tried to ride yesterday and I am just flat out in too much pain to ride. I thought I could ride one handed or even no handed but every bump hurt and when I ended my short ride my pain was ridiculously higher. So no riding for some time. I will go nuts. I am doing daily therapy, I even got a steroid shot (which I am very opposed to but I got one anyway so it shows how desperate I am to get better). Since I stopped riding I have gained 32 pounds! I expected to be on a new ride by now so I intentionally was trying to gain some weight for a cushion on the ride. I typically lose almost a half pound a day when I ride so I like to start out a bit heavier. But now that I won't be riding for a long time I will have to get to a healthy weight which would be about 15 pounds less than I am right now. The best part of riding so much was that I could eat as much as I wanted and I love to eat. Now? Now I have to watch my diet until I am back to riding regularly. I will post a few updates on my plans over the next few months and about when I might be able to ride again but otherwise my blog will be mostly silent. Enjoy life while you are still able to everyone.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Ride Day 159 Carlsbad to San Ysidro

I did not count my ride to Carlsbad as a days ride cause it was too short. I stayed with my friend, Jeanne, for the night and enjoyed my stay with her. We talked about her kitchen remodel and of course bike touring while we grilled some steaks for dinner. I enjoyed the night. The next morning we rode together to downtown San Diego. The ride was in perfect riding weather with a light breeze pushing us along. The ride is not too tough as it meanders along the beautiful Southern California coast except for Torry Pines grade which is a bit of work on a loaded bike. We did the long grade with no worries. Jeanne was a perfect guide taking me on all the best shortcuts to avoid traffic or to see good sights. She sure beats my garmin all to hell. Wish she was riding with me down South. We had an early lunch in San Diego when we arrived. After a short discussion about eating Mexican food in Old Town San Diego where it was predictable average food or taking the chance and winging it along the street we chose winging it. We were both risk takers I guess. Jeanne spotted a taco sign and we headed over to it. There was a very friendly San Diego Firefighter waiting for his food when we arrived and he raved about this restaurant being the best in the area. It was fun talking to him. We ordered our food and yes I did like it. I would promote it here but I forgot the name of it. I get that sometimerz more and more often these days. Soon it may turn into full blown alzheimer's. Such is life. We parted ways in downtown and Jeanne returned home and I continued riding south. I had planned on staying at KOA campground but I found a hotel for $39 a night that looked ok so for the extra $3 I went with that instead, Knight's Inn in San Ysidro and it seems fine to me and is a better value than camping. I did my laundry in the hotel and then ate some more fish tacos that were good before I bailed for the day. a few pics

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Go to my new blog

I am currently not posting to this blog until I finish my bike ride that I have already started. I made the bike riding blog only bike riding posts and when my ride is over I will return to posting here on this blog. To see the bike blog go to: http://jimfrogsbikeride.blogspot.com/

Saturday, March 16, 2013

New Bike blog

I took my bike riding part of the blog and made it a separate blog. I am getting ready to leave on another cross country ride soon this time across the Northern tier of states. I will add my daily blog to the new blog with a few updates to this blog about my ride and about anything non bike related will also stay in this blog. The new blog is: jimfrogsbikeride.blogspot.com I was asked to do this because some of the directories want a more focused topic for their blogs than what this blog has been. Thanks for reading my blogs and feel free to share them with your friends. PURAVIDA